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Help StepOne Present at SXSW Interactive 2015

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Many days I feel like Scott Adams could be a spokesperson for StepOne. With many of his favorite topics, including tech support and big data, it seems he captures the frustrations of many customers, employees and business owners that StepOne is working to mitigate.


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What if we could use big data to improve customer service? The amount of data available to companies about their customers continues to increase as systems and devices are built to churn out more information about their use and IT platforms improve to capture and use this data. As the Internet of Things comes to fruition, today’s big data will turn to huge data! But, as Dilbert’s boss says, “Using it is the hardest part.”

One valiant objective when compiling this huge set of customer information is to improve customer service. Get the right information to the right customers when they need it. The desire of most customers who turn to customer service is to just get their questions answered or their problems solved quickly and professionally. What if you could do that AND turn information about your customers’ use of your products and services, and the questions and problems they have with them, into valuable insights about your overall customer experience?

StepOne would love to speak about this at SXSW Interactive next year, and we need your help. The selection process for panels is underway. If you’re interested in this topic, or just game to support us, please vote “thumbs up” for our proposal. We promise we’ll make it worth your effort!

Speak or not, we appreciate your support and hope to see you around Austin in March!