StepOne is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of
Lithium’s Customer Conference – LiNC  ’15

According to a 2013 study by McKinsey & Company, between 59 percent and 92 percent of customers looking for help online had to eventually call a help desk for two primary reasons: difficulty finding content and lack of accurate content. Something is clearly missing – there is a disconnect between the availability of self-service content and the discoverability of that content. With crowd-sourced content from Lithium, the amount of available content grows exponentially, increasing the importance of a solution for finding the right help at the right time – the veritable “needle in a haystack”.

StepOne is helping Telstra do a better job with this discovery by making it easy for customers to find the right content from its Lithium Community, called CrowdSupport™. Click the link to learn more about our work at Telstra, and be sure to check out LiNC ’15.