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StepOne’s Post-Retail Engagement solution brings the personalized experience of your physical retail store to your customer’s phone, tablet, PC, or TV. Our purpose-built tools seamlessly transition customers from the hands-on attention of an in-store experience to an equally personalized digital experience.

You’ve built, designed, and staffed your retail space with the utmost attention to detail, all in service of delivering an experience that converts. But when customers walk out your doors, so does your control over how, when, and where they experience your brand. The first 72 hours post-visit are the most crucial — this is your prime opportunity to establish trust, set the foundation for an ongoing customer journey, and ensure your customer feels like they never left that high-touch experience in your store.

Digital Transformation

Over 75% of executives are planning to invest in digital transformation in 2015, but it’s easier said than done. You’ve successfully transitioned to e-bills, e-receipts, and more, but what about your product collateral? Your customer isn’t going to wade through an outdated, 100+ page setup guide. With StepOne, you can digitize those important product assets and personalize their delivery.

Don’t Guess, Know

With our Post-Retail Engagement solution you’ll unlock unprecedented insights into what’s working and what’s not as your interactions with your customer transition between the physical and virtual experiences of your brand. Delivering this is crucial for building advocacy and has a direct impact on repeat business, up-selling, and profitability.

Context, Not Spam

Traditional solutions that try to bridge online and offline interactions are clunky, convoluted, and sometimes just spammy. They segment customers into loose buckets as opposed to determining what’s truly unique. Understanding their context–specific needs, wants, and habits–is the key to providing a continually improved user experience and accurate messaging. If you’re going to help and engage your customers, you must accurately understand them.

Ongoing, Data-Driven

What your customers want and need can change in an instant. Our solution powers an ongoing data-driven view of your brand’s entire customer journey, long after they walk out of your store. By understanding and proactively anticipating your customer’s needs, you can go beyond a single moment of satisfaction and instead surprise and delight them every step of the way.