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StepOne’s Order to Advocate solution powers the most personalized first-use experience for your products and services, simplifying the digital transformation of product fulfillment and use. Whether it’s digital installation and set-up assistance or a better understanding of the add-on services your customers will actually want, our tools assure your customers’ first few hours with your product set the foundation for a long, happy journey together.

Your customer can barely contain their excitement as their product arrives, and the packaging is quickly discarded. But a poor experience with the set-up or any initial troubleshooting can quickly turn their excitement to frustration, and even to disgruntled returns. The first few days, even hours, are crucial for setting the tone for the rest of your relationship. The higher the effort required of the customer to get up and running, the lower the satisfaction. Don’t lose them before their journey has truly begun.

A Better Digital Channel

You spend months developing onboarding and set-up collateral, printing and producing en masse, filling distribution channel kits, and shipping product, only to find your materials are out-of-date the moment they arrive. Trade wasted money and time for the digital channel that allows you to keep your collateral relevant and that your customers already prefer.

Digitize and Contextualize the Experience

Each and every customer wants, needs, and expects to find help in their own preferred way. With StepOne you can deliver dynamic, adaptive self-support online and assure a seamless transition in the rare cases where a customer is required to switch from one channel to another, mitigating customer hassle and the frustration of re-entering personal information.

Journey Mapping and Analytics

You need to understand your customer’s unique journey with your brand. Whether you’re delivering a support recommendation or responding to an issue, our analytics make sure you have an accurate view of where each customer has been, where they are, and where they want to go.

Real Value Adds

With additional insight into your customer’s unique journey, you can discover and deliver the value added services they will actually appreciate. Information collected in every visit or call is captured for a more complete customer profile and integrated into future interactions — whether that’s alerting your customer to a new product they previously expressed interest in or making sure all the time they spent customizing a product in the store isn’t forgotten.

The Content They Need

Our detailed content effectiveness measurements vet and audit your self-support content to assure you’re anticipating and addressing the most common customer issues and concerns. Our adaptive content automatically adjusts to what is most effective for specific types of customers based on whatever KPI is most important to you from NPS to help desk calls to returns. Our reports also provide actionable recommendations so you can more easily hone and execute your new content creation efforts. Align your support library with your customer journey once and for all.