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StepOne’s One-Touch Help solution helps your customers help themselves wherever and whenever they have a problem. Our tools audit your current self-support experience, provide actionable ways to improve and expand, and integrate with your existing apps or website to deliver contextually-aware content to your customer, even before they ask. It’s personalized support at the touch of a button.

Self-support is vital to your business. Your customers not only want it, they expect it. You know your self-support experience needs improvement, and despite all the customer data you’ve captured, your legacy systems can’t tell you where to start. You need a way to measure both your self-support experience and content effectiveness, and a plan of action for implementing changes and improvements. And you need it yesterday.

Content + Experience Graded

With detailed customer experience analytics and content effectiveness measurements, StepOne provides unprecedented insight into your customer’s experience — which products and services are well-supported by content, which pieces of content are working and not, where your customers are dropping off as opposed to buying in, and more.

No Heavy Lifting Required

StepOne’s personalized help recommendations can be easily integrated into your existing app and/or website. Preserve the brand your customers know and love while delivering them a new level of help and support.

Self-Taught, Improved

StepOne’s recommendation engine and machine learning capabilities are constantly re-calibrating to ensure the most effective convent is presented at precise moments in the customer journey. Simultaneously, content is measured and scored so new and improved content can easily be created. Better content is created, accurate content is delivered.