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Meet Our New Product: Care Profiler

Help your customers help themselves. Customers prefer it, and your business saves money. The majority of customers prefer to help themselves. Over 60% prefer self service to calling a help desk, and most expect to find helpful self service applications on a company’s website.

As companies recognize the need and opportunity, they are spending more time and money on their customer experiences. But it’s hard to figure out where to make the most effective, efficient improvements to your customer support without good analysis of your data. Until now, no purpose-built diagnostic tools have been available to help companies properly assess their support experience.

That’s why today we’re pleased to debut Care Profiler, the latest offering in our suite of smarter self service solutions. Think of it as a “CT scan” for your support content. It’s the fastest and most affordable way to get an HD view of your content library in the context of all your own customer data — data-driven content insights, real-time dashboards, and peace of mind that your organization is spending resources where it matters most.

The alternative right now for companies is to hire data scientists and/or build an in-house equivalent. These projects almost universally stall. There is a talent gap, a knowledge gap, and a technology gap. Or companies look to outside help to design and develop their optimal customer journey, but the data and goals quickly become outdated.

Care Profile continuously points to root causes of your customers’ issues and highlights the biggest opportunities and largest risks in your customer experience, answering key strategic questions: What problems are your customers having today? What issues go unresolved the most frequently? What are your KPI’s and how should you adjust your product and operations to hit those? What are your most pivotal pieces of content? Which ones are actually hurting more than helping?

And most importantly, you don’t need to hire data scientists.

How do we do this? We ingest your customer data and automatically index your self service content in real time. Then, using the advanced machine learning algorithms developed by our data scientists, Care Profiler identifies key profile data and series of experiences with your products and services that lead to customer issues, directing you to build out your content where it’s needed most.

See what series of events in your customer journey lead to a call. Find what product mix leads to high Net Promoter Scores. Build more granular, personal content that wows customers as they learn to use your services.

It’s smarter self service.

Great customer service has always been a challenge and an imperative for organizations large and small. But we’re confident that the right blend of experience, technology and passion can transform your customer experience, leading not only to reduced costs, but increasing the base of loyal advocates for your brand.

To learn more about Care Profiler, please do get in touch at We would love to hear from you.

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