Get Unprecedented Insights and Intelligence About Your Support Experience

StepOne Customer Experience Profiler is the world’s first diagnostic tool specifically designed for customer support. It’s like your own data scientist — an ongoing HD view into the quality of your customer support library in the context of your unique data.

Customers Prefer Self-Service

Customers expect you to help them and anticipate their needs. You need tools to help you properly assess your offerings. You have the data, but by the time you analyze, it’s too late.  Customer Experience Profiler pinpoints exactly where and how you can improve your content and experience, recommending the best places to focus, revealing important trends and insights along the way.

Derive Insights from Your Current Customer Journey

Using event sequencing, Customer Experience Profiler builds out your current customer journey map in the context of your existing data. This data-driven view of your present experience continually reveals new bottlenecks, risks, and opportunities.

Customer Experience Profiler’s journey map extracts the series of events that lead to various outcomes allowing you a data-driven view of your current customer experience.

Discover Your Content Gaps

Easily see exactly where your content is failing and be more efficient with your money by focusing on improving the areas that drive results instead of boiling the ocean. Identify the pivotal articles at all times, and have a high level view of the comprehensiveness of your coverage.

Customer Experience Profiler more accurately directs self-service content development and maintenance to the areas that need it most. Group your data into cohorts to easily see the data points in common such as call reasons. Easily view the number and quality of resources supporting each of your cohorts and variables, ranked in order of importance.

Make the Most

of Your Current Data

Your IT team already invests substantial resources into capturing and storing customer data, building out APIs, and more. Make the most of your data and learn ongoing which variables are useful and relevant for predicting your specific KPIs. Where are the biggest opportunities for optimizing IT priorities to create the best outcomes for customers? The largest risks?

Prioritize your spending for data feeds and integrations with a birds eye view of the percentage of useful data that can be extracted from each.

Pinpoint the Features and Offerings That Drive Outcomes

With Customer Experience Profiler, product owners and marketing managers can easily see which features, offerings, and operational activities are driving outcomes. Constantly test various combinations and access a real-time view of how you are tracking towards your goals.

Customer Experience Profiler reveals which KPIs result from potential product and operation changes. Our system automatically chooses the best selections to optimize performance, but our intuitive dashboard allows you to experiment with various combinations, and visualizes progress and trends over time.

How it Works

Customer Experience Profiler grades your support content based on substantive underlying analytics, reveals important insights, and provides specific recommendations for improvement.

Get ongoing data-driven content insights, beautiful real-time dashboards, and peace of mind that your organization is spending resources where it matters most.

The Next Step:
Contextual Care

Check out StepOne’s flagship product, Contextual Care, an adaptive self-service platform that makes it easy for customers to resolve problems by delivering contextually relevant support content.

Great customer experiences lead to an 18% increase in likelihood of making a purchase. You have the insights, now let us help improve your customer experience today with smarter self-service.

Ready to transform your customer experience?

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