CRM Evolution 2015 – a Visit with TSIA

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CRM Evolution 2015 – a Visit with TSIA

the view from CRM Evolution 2015

Time Square, NYC – Photo: Lona Dallessandro

StepOne can help TSIA member companies with their CRM evolution

I had the chance to meet up with some really great people recently when I was in New York for Information Today’s co-located CRM Evolution and Customer Service Experience conferences. When I sat down with John Ragsdale, who leads technology research for TSIA, I got the chance to tell him about StepOne and Contextual Care. John gets it – he knows that we’re doing some really cool stuff to reduce customer effort and give companies actionable insights into how customers are really engaging with them. To quote John here, “With all the data tech companies have on issues reported at each stage of a customer’s journey, I see this as an area worthy of investment to boost self-service success rates, and vastly improve the self-service experience”. We agree, John, and look forward to helping your TSIA member companies with their customer experience transformation efforts!

You can read all about John’s time at the conference (and his comments about StepOne) in his blog post: