Help Your Customers Successfully Help Themselves

StepOne’s flagship product, Contextual Care, is an adaptive self-service platform that makes it easy for customers to resolve problems by delivering contextually relevant support content.

3 out of 4 of your customers prefer to solve their own problems,

yet self-support experiences today still lack the context of an in-person interaction. Customers often give up, unable find what they need or unsure of which question to ask. There are plenty of offerings that react to customer questions and have rudimentary personalization systems, but that’s not good enough anymore. You’re spending copious amounts of money on customer service and seeing little return from your investments.

You need a way to provide the same experience that an in-person interaction does, and a better way to anticipate your customer’s needs and challenges.

StepOne Contextual Care is the first software solution that predicts and anticipates your customer’s question before it is asked. We then present a unique support pathway to each and every customer, based on their unique device, problem, location, and history. The result is an increased return on your self-support investment reduced self-support fallout, increased customer satisfaction, a reduced cost to serve, and more.

Know Before They Ask

Contextual Care predicts the customer’s question or issue by using contextual data like their services, location, and more. Customers are quickly presented with the most relevant support content, eliminating the need for them to wade through thousands of links.

“We’ll be able to save a lot of calls to the tech support center with this knowledge, so that gives an immediate cost reduction, but more important is the customer advocacy effect.”

Put Your Data to Good Use

We bring simplification, analysis, and application to your massive amounts of existing customer data and all the help content you have accumulated. We’re not scared of it, we thrive on it. We integrate with your backend systems to understand a specific customer’s traits and better predict their questions, so we can recommend the best help content available.

Adapt and Improve

With analytics and machine learning, Contextual Care constantly self-learns and adapts over time to improve the accuracy of recommendations. The more it interacts with customers, the more accurate and relevant the support content it serves.

Analyze, Produce, and Grow

Our programs are driven by your KPIs and metrics, not just clicks and user feedback. We work closely with you to determine our collective goals and measure against those. We deliver proven, measurable ROI like improved NPS, call reduction, and truck rolls.

“It’s tailored for our customers to answer the questions they want to ask and do it with minimal customer effort. That’s the power of it.”

How it Works

Contextual Care is a SaaS solution, deployed in less than 30 days. There’s little to no IT work required, and we can get started with your existing data and help content.

We plug into your existing knowledge base to cluster your articles, videos, and troubleshooting guides. We integrate w/ countless data sources like usage reports, device sensors, network and social data, OSS/BSS, and demographic data.

Get ongoing data-driven content insights, beautiful real-time dashboards, and peace of mind that your organization is spending resources where it matters most.

Ready to transform your customer experience?

We’d love to tell you about StepOne’s solutions and technologies. We’ll figure out which one is best for your customer journey. Contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.