3D-Printed Bacon Wins Best Customer Experience Award at CES 2015

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3D-Printed Bacon Wins Best Customer Experience Award at CES 2015


“Bacon is so good by itself that to put it in any other food is an admission of failure. You’re basically saying, ‘I can’t make this other food taste good, so I’ll throw in bacon’.” — Penn Jillette

Of course that didn’t ACTUALLY happen, but I bet there are a LOT of people I know who, if given the choice, would rank bacon #1 in customer satisfaction every time. The only complaint they’d have is that they can’t get it instantly. Well, at CES 2015, the 3D printing showcase offered us a glimpse of that future as some companies were printing food — yes, food! I wonder how long will it be before the vending machine is replaced with a Star Trek Replicator. Pretty soon even my vegan friends will be able to synthesize and print bacon at home, and bacon will have set the bar for customer satisfaction even higher.

Printed bacon wasn’t the only future I saw at CES, however. Each time I turned a corner, there was some other connected device meant to improve or advance any aspect of our lives — Muse’s Brain Sensing Headband, Sleep Number’s SleepIQKids smart bed, Skulpt’s muscle mass measuring tool — and each one of these companies promising to deliver value over time as the relationship between you and the service evolves.

So as I walked the halls, one thing kept popping up in my head: “How are all these companies going to provide customer service?” It’s clear that they all want a long-term relationship — there are subscription models, social media integrations, and referral or loyalty programs. Can they do a good job at all of those things without repeating the customer service mistakes that have plagued subscription-based companies like telcos or cable companies, especially when they’ve never done it before? I mean, wireless companies have been in business for over 20 years, and still they can’t get half of their customers surveyed to be satisfied with tech support and customer service.

We at StepOne believe it is possible for companies to do better than that, and we’ve purpose-built our products and services to help them avoid those pitfalls. Using data-driven intelligence, we’re mapping customer journeys, predicting their pain points, and prescribing the best customer service content to support them. Companies using StepOne technology are, from day one, interacting with their customers in the most personal and relevant ways possible across communication channels. In every way we measure it, the satisfaction, “propensity to recommend” and “propensity to buy” statistics are higher when customer service interactions are powered by StepOne.

If CES shows one thing every year, it’s that there is no end to the potential for new products and services to transform our daily lives. But they can’t do it without delivering an experience that delights their customers as much as “bringing home the bacon” does, or “printing at home the bacon” will one day. StepOne can help companies prevent bad customer service from getting in the way of fulfilling that promise.

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How about some gravy with that tech support?